Freitag Pop-up Store


Following the lead of companies such as UNIQLO, we were charged to create a pop-up store, under the HighLine, that would advertis the products of Freitag, a company that had become famous for its use of re-cycled materials as well as sustainable methods to make bags, and subsequently, other acessories. To continue their principles, I decided to create a portable store, made of re-cycled materials, that would celebrate the individuality that comes from the process of design of the bags. It is essentially a metal container, with wooden crates that have been converted into shelves. The crates have been cut out to double as a sign board, so each crate is as unique as the item it holds, and showcases its brilliant colours. These crates can be moved or removed to create different sectional conditions within the store.
This inspired the Freitag Headquarters in New York. I believed that it would be essential that people could see, and maybe even participate in, the process of creating the bag they may eventually buy. In order to reveal this production process, I created a building that would allow three systems of movement: the movement of the public via catwalks and ramps; the movement of the workers; and mechanical movement of the bags and their components through their different production stages. These stages of production are stacked through the building, but in such a way that they can interact, to allow the feedback loops that would happen. People then move around these stages, and can sometimes even participate, and can buy their products in the store on higher floors.

ARCH 3010 Course, by Lester Yuen
Architecture, pop-up store, freitag