Farming Forney

Site Located in Forney, Texas

Master plan showing program, including farms, hospital, commercial district, housing units and infrastructure plots

Mapping of site before and after intervntion

Phases of land implementation

Diagram showing road hierarchy and cross-sections

Perspective of main Commercial section

Diagrams of Infrastructure plot showing systems they plug into


The goal for this project was to create an estate that would embody the original nature of a small town just outside Dallas, Texas, called Forney, while creating a unique yet futuristic design. One thing that came to mind immediately was the movement towards edible landscapes that has been implemented in larger overbuilt cities. It was decided that it would be so much easier if we planned for agriculture to be a part of this community from the beginning. The City would start out as farms, but over time, be developed to tend to the needs of people that would eventually move in. The other programs started to work off this system. I created a system of infrastructure plots that would serve the needs of the farms, as well as the people living on the land. We also created an ecological system of vegetative buffers that would make it possible for people to live adjacent to these farms.

Architecture, farming community, Forney
ARCH 3020 Course, by Inaki Alday, Tat Bonhevi