Repetition and Mutation


The Genomedia centre is based on the concept of creating virtual mutations within a repetitive structure. I started out this semester with the exploration of my idea of a field. Inspired by the electro-magnetic field, I created a universe that experiences a catastrophe, and through a series of reaction, the nature of the field is changed. Some things I noticed about this field:

  • It had waves of activity
  • The particles ejected had ties to their origins
  • The particles leave tracks in their wake
    I saw this as a repetition that began to mutate. Coming off this, I decided to create a project that would become active depending on the interaction of people within it. I realized that I could create a building that would serve as a medium of communication between different people involved the Human Genome project and the public. I created the Geno-media centre, which involves researchers, media artists, and the public. The centre begins to address some of the goals of the Human Genome Project: research, education, creation of technology, education, and addressing the implications of genome research.
    I decided that my means of communication in the building will be through interactive holograms, so that information is given t the public, and the public could give feedback to the researchers. I researched the hologram, especially the holographic illusion, which is created via a series of 45- degree reflections. This became the basis for creation of my building.
    I created a grid based on these angles, and my structure came from that to allow reflections, and also, be flexible enough to allow different configurations. I put media artists behind these surfaces to run the exhibitions, and they also send information up to the researchers, creating a feedback loop. The media rooms are placed so that it allows a wide range of possible configurations for exhibitions. Other structures could also be skinned. The upper floor serves as open labs for both researchers and media artists.
ARCH 4010 Course, by Nana Last
Architecture, Media Centre, Human Genome Research